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Global Financial Traders or GFT is a subsidiary of  IBBC Asset Management Ltd.  GFT is a financial educational institution based in Trinidad and Tobago. At GFT, we provide financial education to any individual, at any level, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.  Our educational course entails a two phase system of training which involves an in-class mentoring phase and an online mentoring phase. The techniques being taught at GFT comprise state-of-the-art algorithms and methodologies that increase your success in analysing the financial markets.       


Why GFT?

Unlike other Financial educational courses and institutions GFT provides consistent and continued customer support for all clients. We are not just here to sell you packages and leave but we are committed to guide you through the process, step by step. This is further illustrated in our teaching methods where GFT utilises the “spoon feeding” approach, serving up clients to all they crave and need for success and sustainability in the financial markets.  

At GFT, we strive to provide clients with the best. Our trading team consists of professional traders from around the world with a minimum of seven (7) years experience. We are proud to be one of the only organisations in the Caribbean currently providing one-on-one customer support to clients in a classroom environment. Our team is fully committed to educating clients on proper risk-reward targets as well as equity management to be successful in volatile financial markets.


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GFT offers you a free guide to understanding the financial markets and how we can assist you in becoming a professional trader. There are no conditions or obligations. Please fill out the information below and a GFT Representative will assist you.

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